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How to choose a good toilet? Remember three words: fast,accurate,economize

2017/4/7      view:


the smart toilet is heated fast

Every user want to have fast and continuous warm water for washing, but not all smart toilet has instant heat function. Such as the thermal storage type smart toilet don’t supply many warm water, you should wait several minute for continuous using. Therefore, you need a instant heat toilet to continuously use warm water.

Learn how to operate fast

When choose a smart toilet, more simply in use, will be more convenient. Do you want to spent a lot of time on learning how to operate it? Especially elderly and children. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy a smart toilet if it has the function of one-click.


A good toilet always operate accurately. You can accurately adjust nozzle position and water temperature or three level of water power. Our smart toilet can meet every customer requirement.


Heat storage smart toilet is electricity-intensive, it need continuously heat to ensure the water be warm even you are not in use. However, instant heat smart toilet can make water be warm while you are in use, and won’t waste electricity if you are not in use. On the other hand, smart toilet commonly need 6L water volume, but the G4 instant heat smart toilet only need 4.8L without motor. Therefore, why not choose a smart toilet which is water saving and energy saving!

(Tejjer Marketing Department)